Introducing Oscar the Shetland

16th August 2019

Introducing Oscar! Oscar is our newest mascot here at Palace House. He is a cheeky and fun little pony who loves meeting our visitors! Find out more about Oscar, Palace House and how you can meet him in our Q&A.


How old are you Oscar?dsc_0481-2

16 years young


What is your breed?

I’m a Shetland pony


What is your height?oscar-palace-house

 11 hands


What is your favourite food?

I eat EVERYTHING …. I am a Shetland of course


What is your biggest achievement to date?

My biggest achievement is winning the (Shetland) Grand National_20190731_135709


How long are you at Palace House for?

I am here until the end of August but will come back to visit :)


Who is your favourite horse in the Rothschild yard?

My favourite would have to be Goldream because he is nearly as fast as me


What is your favourite thing for people to see at Palace House?

My favourite thing is definitely the bronze statue of Frankel because it looks like a bigger version of me


How can people meet you?

People can meet me by visiting Palace House at any time between 10am-5pm in the Rothschild yard....... come meet me!



Finally, why should people visit Palace House?

People should visit Palace House because it is more than just a museum! You can meet me and my 5 friends in the Rothschild yard, go on the simulator, watch horses being exercised in the daily displays, take part in Summer of Science activities and workshops, see some amazing paintings of the history of horse racing, see our exhibitions and much more! It is a really good day out at a very reasonable price! If you are hungry you can also enjoy a lovely meal at the Tack Room, finished by a visit to the shop.



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