Ladies Day at Home

15th July 2020

We all have special days we look forward to each year. The day’s we plan for and later look back on with great affection and joy.  In Cheryl Scotland-Wigg’s case it is Ladies Day with her Mum, Sandra at Newmarket’s July meeting.

ladies-day-2 Cheryl

Obviously, this year’s outing was out of the question but in our latest blog Stephen Wallis found out how Cheryl, a member of our Visitor Services Team still managed to enjoy ‘Ladies Day at Home’.

Cheryl has been going to Ladies Day with her Mum since July 2012.  “Without a doubt It’s the highlight of our year” said Cheryl.

Asked if they dress up for Ladies Day Cheryl was quick to reply “Oh yes we do, over the years as our confidence has grown so have our hatinators and our outfits”.

Over the years Cheryl and her Mum have purchased more expensive dresses for the day, where they now enter the best dressed competition at the July Course.  One-year Cheryl even booked an appointment with the UK’s largest dress specialist!  Thankfully, she was going to a wedding soon after, so it tied in well.

For Cheryl after dropping her children off at school it’s off to have her makeup and hair done before returning home to put the dress of the year on, before she meets up with her Mum en route to the racecourse.

ladies-day-3 Cheryl's Mum, Sandra

Ladies Day is all about the glitz and the glamour, the atmosphere, enjoying a drink or two and the top class racing so how did Cheryl manage to capture that feeling in 2020?

To start with Cheryl made a trip to Warren Hill gallops where she videoed some horses to give her the feel of seeing some racehorses on the big day.  It was then off to the bookies with Mum to pick out a few winners.

Back at home Cheryl had converted her conservatory into a Premier enclosure.  Not sure if there were any badges or stewards!

The living room had also been transformed with lovely food and drink, including horse racing decorated homemade muffins and a floral back drop for the photos.

After choosing dresses from their wardrobes and hatinators from her Mum’s collection, the two of them enjoyed an afternoon at home watching the action on the TV, Racing Post close at hand of course.

“Considering the circumstances and the fact that we could not go to the races it did not stop us getting dressed up and having a great time. We even had a couple of winners which is always a bonus.  Plus, we didn’t get wet and we were able to have food and drinks.  It was good fun” said Cheryl.


Last Thursday could never replicate the thrill and excitement of Ladies Day at the July Course but you can see Cheryl and her Mum certainly made the most of their special ‘Ladies Day at Home’.

Hopefully, the two of them will be back at the racecourse in 2021.  Indeed, it will not be long before Cheryl will be planning for next July.  Now where can I get my dress from?






Blog by Stephen Wallis