NHRM Loans 3D Printer to Enterprising Engineering Student

17th April 2020

Whilst the National Horse Racing Museum is in temporary lockdown due to COVID-19, we were very pleased to be able to help with a recent request from a local Bottisham-based Engineering student, Georgie Altham, who was producing face masks for the NHS and Care Homes on her 3D printer.

Georgie Altham (right) and Events & Group Sales Manager at NHRM, Mary Paltridge Georgie Altham (right) and Events & Group Sales Manager at NHRM, Mary Paltridge

The clarion call came to us that Georgie was producing a number of NHS compliant face masks with her 3D printer but required more machines to increase output. NHRM had a 3D printer that was used previously during our 'Summer of Science' activities and was also behind some of the exhibition artefacts used in the Stubbs exhibition. Our curatorial technician made demonstration 3D printed equine skeleton parts and skulls for display, and we were more than happy to help with loaning it for a higher purpose.

The printer was loaned in early April and is already up and running and appears to be working perfectly.  Georgie says of the NHRM printer...

"The printer lent by NHRM is the best one I've worked with – and will be printing approx 30 masks a day, I am making PPE mask frames to donate to the NHS (currently MAGPAS air ambulance and Ipswich hospital) using my 3D printer and I was looking for more printers which would allow me to increase production so that we can donate as many as possible as quickly as we can. Everyone who we have donated to has been so grateful to have proper PPE" she added.

As well as supplying Addenbrookes among other NHS hospitals she is also reaching out to local care homes to extend the incredibly philanthropic gesture given she started this project using her own funds.  To help Georgie continue, please do donate to her fundraising page  gf.me/u/xu93jk  for help towards the necessary supplies of printer filaments, acetate plastics sheets and printer parts she is currently using.

Stay safe everyone, from everyone at Palace House!