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Bookies Ticket Deckchair

Bookies Ticket Deckchair

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Before the days of computers when you placed a bet with a bookie this is the type of ticket you would receive and the details of your bet would be written in a large leather journal together with the number on the ticket and many featured pictures of the bookmaker in question our favourites are Deafy and Lew and Henry!

Handmade in England exclusively for Palace House these deckchairs are made from sustainable durable hardwood with the PEFC accreditation and hardwearing no-rot acrylic 'canvas ' sling. All the chairs are carefully crafted and have a solid feel not like the spindly wobbly-wobbly ones!

Height: 105cm
Depth: 98cm
Width: 59.8cm

Seat height: 43cm
Seat width: 44cm