Blue Peter

The Heritage Centre for Horseracing & Sporting Art offers exciting opportunities for stimulating self-led visits and for taking part in immersive curriculum-linked workshops, providing meaningful and enjoyable learning outside the classroom for all ages. Come and explore Palace House and discover Newmarket’s Royal connections, learn about Thoroughbreds and the history and science of horseracing, meet our equine stars and ride our racehorse simulator. 

The Alborada Education Centre (funded through the generosity of the Alborada Trust) and a picnic room with cloakroom facilities are available for all learning groups.

  • Self-led visit: £3.60 per child
  • Workshops £3.60 per child 
  • Self-led visit PLUS workshop: £5.00 per child
  • Accompanying adults FREE OF CHARGE 

All educational visits must be booked in advance. Please contact Gabrielle Bell by email or call 01638 667314

Ideas for Teachers:

Below are a number of resources for teachers that can be downloaded and printed with ideas of activities to support educational visits to the National Heritage Centre. These resources have been developed with KS1 and KS2 in mind but are adaptable for other age groups:

Self-led visits cost £3.60 per child and must be booked in advance. Please contact Gabrielle Bell by email or call 01638 667314. This includes the use of the picnic room (subject to availability). 

Workshops currently available are:

Marvellous Materials

KS 1 & 2 £3.60 per child

Marvelous Materials

Science: Materials, their properties and uses

Explore the materials used in racing via hands on investigations. What makes materials suitable for particular jobs? Can you sort the natural and man- made materials? Why do two objects which look the same be so different in weight? Try our junk modelling challenge to create your own safety equipment , look at materials through our special microscope and find out about silk. Discover some of the surprising materials found inside our special semi-constructed saddle and carry out a chromatography experiment. There’s so much to do! To book contact Gabrielle Bell by email or call 01638 667314.

We can also provide a Marvellous Materials Brilliant Bingo activity to carry out in the galleries afterwards, on a self-led basis. You will need to allow extra time for this.

What surprised me most was how well resourced, prepared and engaging the activities were. The children really enjoyed it.” (Teacher KS1)

I know that when I bring my class to Marvellous Materials, we will cover everything that we need to cover!” (Teacher KS1)

Blue Peter

KS2: allow approx. 1hr 45 mins £3.60 per child

Blue Peter

History: How a National/ World event affected the locality; Using sources of evidence

Local Study

Use your detective skills to work out the story which links all of the fascinating objects and evidence sources in the room. Sort out the facts from the opinions; piece together clues from eye witness accounts and photographic evidence; how will events affect morale? Put on special gloves to handle a mystery object from our collection which is central to the story…

This is a highly skills based investigative workshop during which children will find out about Newmarket’s presentation Spitfire, its fate and its links with the racing industry. Dressing up is optional, but we recommend that children are not told the title or content of the workshop in advance. Teachers’ notes will of course be supplied, but remember to keep it hush hush! To book contact Gabrielle Bell by email or call 01638 667314.

It was the best day…I learned lots about what happened during the war.” (Pupil year4)

The investigation approach was a fab way of getting the children engaged. One of our children who really struggles with literacy managed a fantastic oral recount.”  (Teacher KS2)

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

KS2: allow approx. 1h 45mins  £3.60 per child

Blue Peter

Animals including humans

Straight From The Horse’s Mouth is a hands-on comparative anatomy workshop investigating similarities and differences between human and equine athletes!

Get to the bare bones with our skeleton and x-rays; ponder the heart of the matter and the circulatory system; chew it over as you examine teeth and piece together our famous life-size cuddly equine digestive system; get “organ-ised” with your scrubs and forceps in our medical role play! To book contact Gabrielle Bell by email or call 01638 667314.

“The workshop was really thought-provoking – I don’t think that the information about a horse would have been so well understood or retained if it had not been presented alongside information about humans. This meant that the children were learning evaluative skills as well as facts, and this ability to compare and contrast can be used across the curriculum.”(School Governor)


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