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The Heath

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This group print features the seven most famous and successful horse Trainers of the day, those trusted to protect owner and horse 'from the many scoundrels that infest our sport'. These 'best of the best' were: Matthew Dawson (Trainer to Lord Falmouth and then Lord Rosebery), Tom Jennings (for the late Count de Lerange) , John Porter for many great masters including the Duke of Westminster, James Jewitt, a trainer of great repute, he was known as 'one of the best dressed men about the Heath and quite a gentlemanly fellow of quality', Richard Marsh who helped the Prince of Wales to win his first Derby and his first St. Leger with Persimmon and his stables were built by Lord Ellesmere, and James Ryan who was 'imported from Scotland'! They won so many big races, it would take some time to count them all.

All prints are 55 x 40 cm and supplied unframed and un-mounted. They are antique chromolithographs and come with a certificate of authenticity.