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The King's Bedroom

The King's Bedroom

The King's Bedroom is the second gallery in Palce House and displays work from the 18th Centuray.

Huge growth in the popularity of sporting pursuits in the early eighteenth century led to a thriving school of British sporting art. Rural sports, and the art that celebrated them, continued to be a symbol of wealth and status. Sporting patrons wanted artists to capture their successes both in the field and on the racecourse.

As the genre grew in popularity, artworks could fetch increasingly high prices. The sporting artist Benjamin Marshall famously stated, ‘I discover many a man who will pay me fifty guineas for painting his horse who thinks ten guineas too much for painting his wife’.

George Stubbs was a key artist of the period, famed for his naturalistic depictions of horses. In an age of scientific discovery and Enlightenment, Stubbs carried out a rigorous anatomical study of the horse. This earned him an unrivalled understanding that revolutionised equestrian painting. 

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