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Vanity Fair Jockey Print - William Griggs

William Griggs | Vanity Fair prints at Palace House

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William Griggs, published 1906, 'He rides for Lord Durham'.Artist : Spy

Another jockey who had been riding for Lord Durham since the age of sixteen, William rode for Sir Robert Jardine in 1906, the year of his painting by Sir Leslie Ward, 'Spy'. Not counted as a truly great Jockey, he still achieved 45 winners in 1903 and sixty-six a year later. He also achieved wins at a number of major races but only one classic, the 1,000 Guineas on Cinna in 1920. He also distinguished himself as a machine-gunner in World War 1, and received the Military Cross from the hands of Sir Archibald Murray.

All prints are 26 x 40 cm and supplied unframed and un-mounted. They are antique chromolithographs and come with a certificate of authenticity.