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Waltonising or Green-land Fisherman

Waltonising or Green-land Fisherman

Robert Seymour (1798–1836)

Waltonising or Green-land Fisherman



Loan from: British Sporting Art Trust

A satirical depiction of anglers in early nineteenth-century Britain. On the far left, a man in fashionable country attire has entangled his line with an army officer’s. In the centre, two dandies show their incompetence at the sport as they try to scoop a piglet out of the river.

In the title of this work, ‘Waltonising’ refers to Izaak Walton, author of the 1653 treatise The Compleat Angler. A revised edition, published in 1824, was hugely popular at the time. ‘Green-land Fisherman’ refers to the ancient thoroughfare of Green Lane, which ran alongside the River Lea through the London suburb of Harringay; a popular out-of-town spot for fishing at the time.

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